About EduGrad

Our vision is to empower students with problem-solving skills. We believe every individual has their own learning style and the learning experience must be designed to match that style. Our current academic learning has gaps with respect to current industry requirements.

We believe students learn their best when they learn at their own time, pace and with the guidance of an expert mentor. We provide an opportunity for students to learn current and futuristic skills which will meet industry requirements.

Why EduGrad?

Edugrad webinars are Live knowledge sharing sessions by industry experts on the latest technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, etc.

With a core belief of practical learning, we believe that having an opportunity to understand the real-time industrial challenges from people working in the industry will help students prepare for real-time challenges and get equipped with industrial expertise.

Upcoming Webinars @ EduGrad

Data Science Webinar
Getting familiar with Data Visualization in Python