Face Detection using OpenCV

1Introduction to Face Detection
2How Face Detection works
3Tools and Technologies used
4Coding and Understanding
5Face Detection using open CV Prac...Practice your python code in dedicated Jupyter notebook

1. Introduction to Face Detection

Face detection is a computer technology that identifies human faces in still or motion images.

  • In this tutorial, we are going to learn Face Detection using OpenCV(Python). Face Detection is a trending technology almost used in every area these days, from security, research, analysis, recognition, smart devices, automation, and many more things.
  • We will use the OpenCV module, that is a Computer Vision Library along with the python language to detect Human faces.
  • We are going to use our PC Webcam to get the video feed.
  • It will make you understand the basic concepts of Face Recognition from where you can go on for further learning.
  • So let’s start!

Face detection using open cv

Definition - 

Face detection is a computing technology term, that is used when the software is used to determine the existence, location, and size of a human face in a particular photo. The software is clever enough to detect the facial features, while at the same time ignoring other objects like trees, buildings, and bodies.

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