About EduGrad

Our vision is to empower students with problem-solving skills. We believe every individual has their own learning style and the learning experience must be designed to match that style. Our current academic learning has gaps with respect to current industry requirements.

We believe students learn their best when they learn at their own time, pace and with the guidance of an expert mentor. We provide an opportunity for students to learn current and futuristic skills which will meet industry requirements.

EduGrad's vision is to empower our learners with problem-solving skills by providing courses in cutting edge technologies
How EduGrad is different from other competitors - We are making good Data scientists with learn by doing approach

Why EduGrad?

In order to deliver value seamlessly, we have partnered and collaborated with multiple academic institutions and corporate companies in India.

1. Academic Institutions – set up EduLabs to build data science capabilities required for industry beginner roles

2. Industry corporates – support in curating problem datasets for leaning and provide career opportunities for EduGrad learners

Our learning model, centered around these principles, already started transforming students in colleges across NCR, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. We have plans to scale this model in 300 colleges across India by the end of next year.

We are a rapidly growing team with offices at Hyderabad and Noida. If you love a challenge, and truly want to make a difference in the world, read on!

Jobs @ EduGrad

Data Science Jobs
Machne Learning SME/Trainer (3-6 yrs)
Noida - Full Time
Product Data Analyst - Full Time
Hyderabad - Full Time
Digital Marketing Internship
Digital Marketing Intern - 6 Months
Noida - Internship
Graphic Design and Video Production
Video production and graphic design Internship - 6 Months
Noida - Internship
Content writing Internship
Content writing internship - 6 Months
Noida - In office - Internship