About Edugrad

We are an edtech company with a strong belief on "Learn By Doing" approach, building optimum learning experience, and developing competencies in the area of emerging technologies


EduGrad was born in May 2018 in a bid to offer niche technologies to learn by doing approach. In Aug'18 our first course in Data Analytics was roled out. By the end of Dec our batches are running across 20 colleges spreading across NCR, Hyderabad and Delhi.


Our vision is to empower students with problem-solving skills.


Our mission is to prepare our learners capable of facing real world challenges by giving the world class learning experience, expert mentor guidance and learn by doing approach.

Ajitesh Korupolu

Ajitesh is an Economics graduate with a minor in Mathematics and Philosophy from Purdue University, USA. After graduation, at the age of 23 Ajitesh ventured into Entrepreneurship.

He is the torchbearer of the EduGrad's vision, values, and strategy. He strives to drive continuous innovation in the organization across systems, operations and people.

In his spare time, Ajitesh enjoys reading Philosophy Books, watching movies, building Lego models and spending time with family.

Kishore Reddy

Devoted to entrepreneurship. He holds a masters degree in Systems & Quality from University of Liverpool, UK. After 12+ yrs of experience in software quality project management, he started his first edutech company Unanth, an online vernacular e--learning platform. With a vision of empowering students with nice tech skills with learn by doing approach he co-founded EduGrad.

At EduGrad Kishore oversee product, sales & Marketing, student experience and corporate relations